Bojan Andic

What People Say

” Bojan Andic is superb piano and keyboard player who i have heard in concert and in recording. His qualities as a musician and composer are not only 1st class musically, they are immensely appealing to a live audience.”

Vanessa Redgrave actress

“I count Bojan among my closest friends, he’s a musician of unlimited talent, and given creative licence is capable of producing great beauty, or solid commercial product. He has never been afraid of hard work, and I would never hesitate to work with him – he has a weird sense of humour – but who’s perfect? Haha! Love him dearly.”

Tom Newman producer

“We have worked together on music on and off for almost ten years. He he’s provided music for many of the projects I have produced – including our BAFTA nominated film, Is Labour Anti – Semitic?

He works fast and is flexible, producing music that fits the mood and tone of the project“

Leo Telling

Executive Producer, BBC Curent Affairs