Bojan Andic


Bojan Andic was born in Sarajevo – Yugoslavia on the 28 August 1967. He claimed first place at a competition for young talents and recorded his first single, when only three-and-a-half years old. Bojan then went on to graduate from the Sarajevo Music Academy with honours. His broad range of musical styles, technical mastery and distinctive blend of Eastern and Western musical traditions catapulted him to wide renown across former Yugoslavia, earning him many commissions for television and other media including a children quiz on the national television programme “SA3″ and being an apprentice, learning production from great mentor Esad Arnautovic.

Bojan’s career as a composer and performer flourished until Civil War shattered his country in 1992. Finding exile in London, Bojan relaunched himself, performing first at the Intercontinental Hotel at Hyde Park Corner, and then recording for Bloomsbury Music, while also composing background music for several corporate video companies. In 1993, he was invited by the world-renowned actress,Vanessa Redgrave to perform at the “Wake Up The World” charity concert in Manchester. At the concert Bojan played alongside Andy Bell from Erasure, who performed one of Bojan’s original songs.Anthony Andrews, Daniel Day Lewis, and Robbie Coltrane were amongst other participants at this event. As a result of this charity work, Bojan met Bono on his “Zoo-ropa” tour in Glasgow. Not a stranger to charity, Bojan has also produced music for Charity advertisements.

In 1996, he received an invitation from Tom Newman, the producer of Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”, fusing Bosnian and Irish folk, and classical music sounds. Other contributors that worked on this project included Joan Baez, Tommy Sands, and Pete Seeger. Bojan played, arranged and produced on a new album Let The Circle Be Wide for the great Irish singer, songwriter and peace activist, Tommy Sands that had been short-listed for a Grammy in the folk category in 2009. Bojan is also currently working on his own album collaborating with another friend and musician, Robert Watt, a highly skilled highland bagpipe and Irish ‘penny’ whistle player.

More recently, Bojan has worked as a freelancer for the BBC producing music regularly for the programme “Panorama”, with the episode ‘Is Labour Anti-Semitic’ having received BAFTA nominations, and has also finished projects with both Sara Eker and the world renowned guitarist Emir Hot. Bojan has also written arrangements for the Sarajevo Big Band in 2017 and he was invited to perform as a special guest alongside some of ex-Yugoslavias greatest pop/rock starts including: Plavi orkestar, Crvena jabuka, Zabranjeno Pusenje and Letu Stuke.

Bojan works with a mix of sounds that reflect both his Yugoslav roots and contemporary influences, working with both young and upcoming artists and established artists to produce music at the highest quality. Facing adversity in his life, both when surviving cancer in 1989 and war in 1993, have shaped Bojan’s outlook on life and the constantly changing world around him. His compositions draw variously from guitar, percussion and piano against a background of classical string orchestral sounds and rich vocals. Bojan Andic’s musical style is often described as colourful, eclectic and fresh.